Vertical Knives

Make windrowing canola easy with our versatile and reliable vertical knives. Jadan Enterprises in Cowra, NSW have been helping farmers throughout Australia for well over two decades with their cropping requirements.

Designed and built to suit Australian conditions, our vertical knives can work day and night. If you want to increase your windrowing productivity and clean cut crops, choose Vertical Knives by Jadan Enterprises in Cowra.

Call our office on 1300 523 263, send an email to or submit a form through website on the contact us page.


Vertical Knives
Vertical Knives

Key Features of Vertical Knives

  • Minimal maintenance – only one moving part
  • Rotary action – minimal vibration
  • Easily retro fitted to any machine
  • Easily swapped from left to right side
  • Clean cut – gentle on the crops
  • Rotary action – centrifugal force self-cleans – knives don’t choke
  • Increases Productivity of windrowing – less downtime due to blockages
  • Works fantastic in standing or down crops

To discuss how Vertical Knives can help make windrowing canola easier please give our staff a call on 1300 523 263 today.