Presswheel Assemblies

Presswheel Assemblies

Getting the correct seed soil contact is critical when planting, which is why our presswheels at Jadan are so popular. Guaranteeing more secure planting of seeds & easier operation than ever before, presswheels are built to last, right here in Cowra.

Designed and manufactured with every Australian farmer in mind, Jadan Enterprises has a presswheel to suit your every need. Our range of presswheels are a leading choice for the agriculture & farming industry, so you can feel confident that you’ll be investing in superior quality.

Please take a look at the presswheels we have available and watch our videos to see our systems in action.

Presswheel Assembly
Presswheel Assemblies

The Jadan Enterprises Presswheel Assemblies are designed to be attached either by the rear or tyne mounting bracket to the seeder. To ensure secure planting of the seed, our presswheels gently and precisely add pressure to the soil over the seed. Simple in design and quality assured, our Presswheels stand miles apart from other available alternatives and have been a market leader for over 15 years. A newly planted seed cannot afford to be misplaced, making our Presswheels a must for every seeder. Regarded as an investment, fit a Jadan Presswheel to your seeder to reap the benefits. You’d be crazy to delay another season.


Dual Fixed Units

The fixed, non-load sharing axle is a cheaper alternative and ideal for machine spacing’s set below 10 inches. Rear mount option only.

Single Units

Ideal for tyne or rear mounting on spacing’s above 10 inches.


  • Tyne mount option is easy & simple to attach directly to the tyne.
  • Semi-pneumatic wedge tyres have non-stick properties to prevent soil build up on tyre, and the v-shape wedge ensures a precise line following the point.
  • Individually sprung to create even pressure distribution.
  • Individual castor for sowing to be done around corners and the Presswheels will simply follow the tyne without causing stress to the assemblies.
  • The assembly wheels are fitted with hard-wearing replaceable nylon bushes, so you can forget about grease points.
  • The assemblies are easy and quick to attach and remove from the tyne or rear mount bar.
Presswheel Assemblies

With every assembly designed and manufactured in Cowra with supreme quality, strength and simplicity, you can be assured that the Jadan Presswheel assembly range will have something to suit your every need.