Jadan VertiStack

Verti Stack

The Verti Stack will significantly reduce the time it takes to pack up large square bales. In return, labour and fuel costs are greatly reduced. Over the years Jadan has done different studies on the time it takes to pick bale in the field. The Verti Stack from Jadan has cut the bale handling time to less than half over traditional accumulation methods.

The neat stacks of bales make for faster handling. For the first time in industry history the loader operator does not come to a complete stop to pick up the stack of bales but merely slows down to grab the stack of bales with a standard big bale spear. Jadan has also designed a bale spear to complement the stacks of bales and is designed for the strength of hay loaders and telehandlers.

The Jadan vertical stacker is designed to place one bale on top of the other in the same configuration as traditionally transported.

To allow the operator to observe how many bales are being carried there is an in cab monitor. This monitor also allows the flexibility to eject anytime after it completes the current bale cycle. The operator of the stacker can set stacking to two, three or four high (3×4 only). Designed to stack dry hay bales, the Vertical Stacker works with 185cm (73” ) to 260cm (102”) bale lengths. All major brands of the 120cm (48”) wide balers will fit on the Vertical Stacker.

To reduce the load off the back of the baler, the Vertical Stacker is attached to the baler with a 3 point system. The tractor hydraulics are used to power the machine, and can be configured for all three different hydraulic systems on the market. In the event of an abnormal bale is formed, there are multiple safe guards electronically and physical to protect the baler and Vertical Stacker.