Australia Leading Hay Handling Equipment Manufacturers

Jadan Enterprises specialises in manufacturing a vast range of hay handling equipment in Cowra to provide Australian farmers, contractors, produce stores and horse studs with a safer and easier way of collecting, stacking and transporting hay.

Over 30 years ago, a Cowra farmer tired of stacking hay by hand, wondering why he could not find a machine that would help reduce his work load, built a simple machine in his shed on the family farm. Neighbouring farmers saw the innovative machine he was using as well as the time and energy he was saving, recruited this farmer to build one for them too. Made by someone who knew the land, and how tough it is on machinery, it meant that his machines would be of the highest quality. Word got out, and more farmers were looking to buy a machine like these, and subsequently in 1990, Jadan was born. Over 28 years, Jadan has grown from a small family business, to a large hay handling manufacturer, selling machines all over the country. Located in Cowra NSW, all machines are still being designed and manufactured in Australia.

Gradually increasing their product range to satisfy farmer’s needs, Jadan has machines to suit large square bales and small square bales varying in sizes.

The Jadan Small Bale System, features machines that pack small square bales into packs of 10 or 15. The Small Bale Accumulator tows behind the baler, and the Small Bale Grab which can be used in the paddock, the shed, plus more allows for a one man operation when handling hay. The simple, yet robust designs provides a reliable, easy to use and efficient system, which suits Australian conditions.

The Jadan Big Bale Stacker collects large square bales from the ground and places into a stack, ready for transportation or storage. The latest addition to the Jadan range is the VertiStack, which is ideal for the larger scale farmer requiring a streamline efficient system. This tows behind the baler and assembles the bales into a stack as they exit the bale chamber.

The Big Bale Stacker and VertiStack, aim at providing a solution to collecting and stacking large bales while significantly saving stacking time by 50-75% and labour all with only one man and one tractor. Jadan are the sole Australian manufacturers’ of a machine of such capacity, and they have revolutionized big square hay handling forever.

Priding themselves on quality & efficiency, this makes the Jadan Hay handling systems the leading in the market. The versatility and simplicity of Jadan Enterprises hay handling system ensures a streamlined process for any hay handler while providing safety in the workplace.